Metal Roof Cleaning - Melbourne

We clean roofs across all across Melbourne with bleach free chemicals and medium pressure to remove all dirt and lichens algae growths.

Paver & outside Cleaning - Melbourne

With paver’s and floor tiles we tend to have a few methods of cleaning depending on the condition of the tile surface.

If we find a heavy mold and mossy build up we do sometimes apply heavy bleaching agents to thoroughly penetrate the tile to allow for deep cleaning. In other cases we can get away with just high pressure cleaning.

Roof Tile Cleaning - Melbourne

Very similar process to the metal roof cleaning. The only difference is we come and treat the heavy algae growths a few days before pressure cleaning. We also replace any broken tiles and provide a general roof report.

House Exterior Soft Washing & Cleaning - Melbourne

To have your house walls washed down before spring and summer time is a really great idea as it can really lift the colours and give your entertaining areas a fresh look for all your family and friends.
Weather-board houses hold a lot of dirt that dulls your painted surface. Were as rendered walls tend to have water run off marks mixed with dirt that stands out like no tomorrow.

Concrete Sealing - Melbourne

We use a solvent based acrylic sealer that has colour pigments that truly stand out in the sunlight. Because we use solvent based sealers we can apply 4 coats down on a large area like roofs and driveways all in one day. The redcoat time is 45 minutes and you can walk on it in 45 minutes as well.

Tile Roof Sealing or Painting - Melbourne

Roof sealing or painting is the same process as driveways we just have more preparation work to do before turning on the spray gun.

We can re-bed and re-point the ridge tiles and valleys providing you with a complete restoration service.

Driveway Painting - Melbourne

Paint is different to a sealer as it is a skin coating rather then a penetrating sealer. So with paint we use water based products and apply 4 coats to provide a long lasting finish. Some clients prefer paint over a sealer as there are more options with colour such as a mat finish.

Wet Look Sealing - Melbourne

Its a nice surprise for our clients when they see the results of their tired old bricks and sandstone tiles being clear sealed, as it really brings the natural colours as well as knowing they have a protective layer down on their back yard entertaining areas.

Workshop Floor Cleaning - Melbourne

We offer a fantastic vacate cleaning option for factory owners and tenats with our unique combination of industrial wet vacuum and hot water pressure cleaning. We treat oil marks and remove rubbish left on the floor.
We can also steam clean carpets and turbo wash tile and grout with the same eqipment with high efficiency as its a truck mount cleaning systerm.

Deck Cleaning / Washing - Melbourne

Deck cleaning and rejuvenation is a skilled task to get right without damage to the timber surface. We can not use to high in water pressure as it will tire the timber in soft areas. So we use speacial decking detergents to lift the dirt out of the timber thus making it easier to wash the timber without damage.

We can restain or oil the decking after we clean it. Call us today for a free quote.

Factory Vacate Wall Cleaning - Melbourne

Hard to reach cobwebs up to 6 mtrs high, we can remove with-out setting up platforms or lifting equipment and that allows us to reduce costs for this service. we can wash walls with high pressure up to 6 mtrs or dry brush for cobwebs.

We normally clean the floors after the walls are done in a vacate clean.

Outdoor Furniture Cleaning - Melbourne

Timber furnitue is just like a timber decking floor it requires attention and care to restore it without damage. Other outdoor furniture like cement or plastic and metal just need mild detergents and meduim water pressure to bring out good results.

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